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How many times have you wished for a personal crew chief when troubleshooting setups for the service?

Welcome to your own personal crew chief! The program supports all oval and road cars (except rookie and Jetta), and all official iracing tracks as of Jan 2015. It's not just a generic wizard, but rather has specific information embedded that allows the program to "know" details about each and every corner of each and every track, specifically. There is a difference between a flat corner and a banked corner, and the program is aware of this and many other track parameters, as you will see when you give the program a try.

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About the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer
 The Sim Racing Setup Analyzer contains an advanced analysis engine, which not only suggests adjustment recommendations based on user input, but also via a proprietary method which compares various aspects of the chosen setup to determine the best possible adjustment for the situation.

The program is database driven, with the ability to store large workbooks of data for each track/car combination, that can be recalled each race or season and used to refine setup diagnosis with each test run on the track.

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Introducing the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer

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